The owners of the private zoo, Pierre Daiza in Belgium decided to trim the horns of rhinos to protect animals from poachers. This was reported by Bi-bi-si.

At this step, the administration decided because of the fact that this week at the zoo near Paris attackers penetrated into the enclosure, shot and killed a white Rhino and sawed off his horn.

According to official information, still in Europe there were no such cases.

In folk medicine of some countries, Rhino horn is considered medicinal in East Asia, its contents refers to aphrodisiacs. The price of one kilogram on the black market can be tens of thousands of dollars.

Dehorning Rhino is often practiced in Africa to protect them from poachers. Vets say that the procedure was painless and over time, the horn will grow back.

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Protection from poachers: zoo Belgium rhinos will cut off the horns 13.03.2017

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