National Commission exercising the state regulation of communications and Informatization (NCCIR), August 23, approved changes in Major requirements to the contract on provision of telecommunications services and the Rules of implementation of activities in the field of telecommunications (activity on providing services of access to the Internet).

As reports a press-Department service, the updated documents contain further conditions for the implementation by operators of the interaction of telecommunication networks on a contractual basis and implementation of the contract between the consumer and the provider options, speeds of transmission and reception of data to access services on the Internet.

“These changes are aimed at ensuring competitive environment in the provision of services of access to the Internet with the aim of protecting the rights of consumers to receive quality Telecom services and liberation of the market from the illegal service providers”, – said the NCCIR.

The basis of the changes to the Main requirements to the agreement on the principles of provisions of normative legal acts of the EU, regulating the activities on the electronic communications market. Thus, the proposed NCRC the new version of para 3.5.7 of the Basic requirements to the contract on provision of telecommunications services tailored to the provisions of the regulation of the European Parliament and the European Council 2015/2120 from 25.11.2015, which entered into force 30.04.2016.

This ruling obliges the provider of Internet access to ensure that any agreement that includes provision of network access, must determine a clear and understandable explanation of the minimum typically available, and the maximum data transmission speed for incoming and outgoing traffic, when using fixed networks, and maximum advertised speeds for services of Internet in mobile networks, as well as explanations of how significant the deviations from the respective speed can affect the rights of end users.

The draft legal act was adopted in principle in December last year and modified during the public discussion with stakeholders, said the Agency.

Providers will be obliged to specify the rate guaranteed in contracts 30.08.2016

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