The Kremlin is leading to nowhere attempts by U.S. allies and countries neighboring North Korea’s pressure to stop nuclear and missile development by Pyongyang. This is stated in the article of the President of the state of the occupant of Russia Vladimir Putin, which was published by the Kremlin website.

“Can’t ignore the situation on the Korean Peninsula, which has recently escalated and is teetering on the brink of a major conflict. In Russia’s view, the expectation is that you can stop the nuclear missile program of the DPRK solely by the pressure on Pyongyang, incorrect and futile,” – said the Russian leader.

Putin believes that the problems of the region should be resolved “through direct dialogue of all interested parties without preconditions”.

“Together with our Chinese colleagues, we developed a road map of the settlement on the Korean Peninsula, designed to promote a gradual reduction of tensions, the establishment of a mechanism of lasting peace and security,” assured the President, adding that “provocations, pressure, aggressive and insulting rhetoric – a road to nowhere.”

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8 August 2017, the US President Donald trump said that the DPRK “will meet with the fire and rage” if you will threaten America. According to media reports, the Americans could carry out a preemptive strike with bombers. North Korea made fun of trump’s words and said that it is studying plans for the missile strike at the United States military facilities on GUAM. It was later made public the details of these plans.

On the night of August 29, another North Korean rocket, launched under the supervision of dictator Kim Jong-UN, flew over Japan and fell about Hokkaido. Eun called it a “prelude” before launching missiles in the direction of GUAM. The South Korean air force in response worked “the bombardment rate of the UN”.

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Putin: China has created a road map for the Korean Peninsula 01.09.2017

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