“Recommended fees” that some suppliers of natural gas include in the payment documents are not required for payment. It is reported by the national Commission, carrying out state regulation in spheres of power and utilities.

The national Commission also drew consumers ‘ attention to the following aspects:

– recommended payment cannot be mapped as a debt for the consumed natural gas;

– failure to pay the “recommended payment” is not a basis for action to halt gas supply to domestic consumers.

NKREKU encourages domestic consumers to avoid disputable situations on the volume of natural gas consumed to transmit consumption data through your personal account on the Internet, by phone, through mobile apps and the like.

In addition, the national Commission asked the licensees for natural gas supply with the comments regarding the “recommended payment”, the contents of which can be found here.

Earlier it was reported that the national Commission wants to increase the price of coal in the electricity tariff of 25.8%.

Recommended payments for gas to pay for not necessarily NKREKU 27.12.2017

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