The border guard Sergey Kolmogorov, which the Supreme special court yesterday overturned the verdict of the courts of first and appeal instances, has stated that he would like to return to the service after the trial finished. He said this today at a press conference.

“I already rested enough. The service is necessary in any case, I’ll be back,” he said.

Kolgomorov stressed that this issue “is not even discussed, another option it doesn’t have”. He believes that the courts in his criminal proceedings was held with violations.

“90% of the fraud it was, the evidence we have, we just now it don’t show”, – he said.

According to him, the court should be open.

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Kolgomorov said he did not regret his actions.

“I would have done the same thing anyway. I’m a military person, I follow orders from their commanders, no more and no less. As I recall, for failure to comply with order to eight years. Situation, either eight or 13, choose – to whom that is more convenient”, – he said.

The guard added that according to the decision of the Highest specialcourt it was restored to military rank.

On 6 November the Supreme court granted the appeal and overturned the verdict of the courts of first and appeal instances Kolmogorov accused of killing civilians in the ATO area.

September 9, 2014 at a checkpoint near Mariupol Kolmogorov complied with the order to shoot at the car which did not stop at the request of the military and went on break. As a result, the interior of the car killed a woman. Driver – the husband of the deceased was written on Kolmogorov’s statement to the police and went to the occupied territory of Ukraine.

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“Rested enough”: Kolmogorov’s going to return to service 07.11.2017

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