In the social network Twitter 60% of all Russian accounts seem automated, there are bots. This is stated in the report of the Centre of excellence of NATO for strategic communication (NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence).

“Russian-speaking bots create about 70% of all Russian reports about NATO in the Baltic States and Poland. In General, 60% of the active Russian accounts have the form of automated. For comparison, 39% of English-language accounts, is bots,” – said in the report.

It is also reported that in the material research centre in Riga (Latvia) called Robotrolling were analyzed tweets concerning NATO in the Baltic States and Poland.

“This selection is not representative of Twitter in General. The conclusions can be different in the case of other media platforms,” the report said.

The report’s authors also emphasize that the political forces are actively using bots on social networks for the manipulation of public opinion on issues of regional geopolitics.

“According to our estimates, on these accounts we have from 5 to 15 percent of all activity on the presence of NATO in Latvia and Estonia from March to July, 2017,” the document reads.

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29 November, NATO stated that Russia’s network of social media accounts focused on the question of the independence of Catalonia from September.

November 14 was the report of the human rights organization Freedom House in which it was said that the online tactics of manipulation and disinformation in 2016, has played an important role in the elections in at least 18 countries, including Russia’s intervention in the U.S. presidential election.

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Robotrolling: 60% of Russian Twitter accounts are bots 25.11.2017

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