In Tomsk (Russia) a group of people staged a flash mob, designed to respond to the recent statement of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, “Saakashvili said, running around the streets” in Russia. The action participants put on masks with the face of the former Governor and walked down the street, according to Siberia. Realities.

At a recent press conference, Putin candidate for President of Russia Ksenia Sobchak asked the current head of the Russian Federation, why the opposition was not allowed to conduct election campaign. In response, Putin has reminded Ukraine: “put here the question is about Ukraine. You want to have the squares ran dozens of Saakashvili. Those whom you have named, is Saakashvili the Russian edition. And you want those Saakashvili destabilized the situation in the country?” – he said at the time.

The organizer of the action became a member of the art group “snoo-snoo” Alexander Kolpakov.

Photo: Siberia. Realities

According to him, the aim of the campaign was to demonstrate “the absurdity of amazing mental constructs that arise from our leader in the head.”

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“Running down the street Saakashvili”: in Russia the flashmob said Putin 25.12.2017

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