British blogger Eliot Higgins has debunked another propaganda lie of the military leadership of the Russian Federation, which claimed to publish “proof of cooperation between the United States and the Islamic state.” In fact, the defense Ministry posted images from a computer simulation, giving them real pictures, writes the observant reporter.

“This is the best proof that the defense Ministry are liars,” said the blogger.

Twitter the Russian authorities have posted screenshots with a computer simulation of the aircraft Lockheed AC-130, which can be run on smartphones and called it “undeniable proof”.

Same post in English:

As of 14:15 on the Kiev time the false posts in Russian, English and Arabic was removed, like all ironic comments of users. According to Higgins, the fake managed to see over a million people.

Higgins added that these game footage two years ago posted on its website video game developer Byte Conveyor Studios.

The blogger says that the defense Ministry of the Russian Federation publishes photos of Iraq for 2016, claiming it was taken “last week”.

“We ought to give the defense Ministry a basket of muffins or something for all the free stuff they provide,” writes Higgins.

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Russia has issued video footage of the evidence of “cooperation between the US and ISIS” 14.11.2017

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