In Russia today, October 9, the expired ban on the sale of alcohol-containing products, including concentrate Hawthorn. The ban was not extended, so the fluid that caused the death of more than 70 Russians, will be back on the shelves, reports Echo of Moscow.

The media notes that previously, the CPS has repeatedly extended the ban, last time this happened was July 12, 2017, when the restrictions were imposed for 90 days.

“Another extension never happened, and this means that Hawthorn will return to sales”, – writes the edition.

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The reasons why the Russian government did not renew the ban, is not clear, although officials previously reported the reduction in the number of alcohol poisonings and deaths in Russia after the introduction of emergency measures.

In December 2016 in Irkutsk was recorded mass poisoning of local residents surrogate bath concentrate Hawthorn – killed 77 people. The composition of the liquid was discovered deadly methyl alcohol. Since then, the sale of Hawthorn in Russia was prohibited.

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Russia lifted the ban on the sale of Hawthorn 09.10.2017

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