Terrorist organizations DNR and LNR can with 2019 to get at least some help from the Russian budget, these resources will help to Finance the construction and modernization of infrastructure of the Crimea and the Kaliningrad region. It is reported by Russian newspaper RBC.

According to two Federal officials instructed the Finance Ministry “to exclude from the draft Federal budget for 2018 and the planning period of 2019 and 2020 the full cost of providing 2019-2020 humanitarian support to individual territories” was given following the meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak 1 September.

To open documents on the Russian budget (budget laws and supporting materials, the reports of the Treasury execution of the budget, the Finance Ministry and the audit chamber) RBC not found of the phrase “humanitarian support to individual territories” or similar to it. According to Federal officials and two sources RBC, close to the Kremlin, this wording is likely worth the help of self-proclaimed republics of Donbass.

“When we previously discussed the issue Surkov (aide to President Putin, Vladislav Surkov, EDS.), how to legalize aid to the Donbass without specifying the names of specific republics, was wondering how to make the process more or less transparent, but without reference LDNR. Agreed on this wording, proposed by Surkov,” – says one of the interlocutors RBC.

The Finance Ministry declined to comment, as the representative of Kozak.

The total amount that you need to find financial security, amounts to 165 billion rubles for three years. In addition to the Crimea it includes expenditure on construction of fiber-optic communication line under the Baltic sea to the Kaliningrad region, the construction of the three ferries for the railway ferry Ust-Luga – Baltiysk (Kaliningrad oblast) and on priority project “Formation of a comfortable urban environment”.

However, two sources in the Duma and one in the government has emphasized that even if the authorities decided to stop spending on “humanitarian support” to the Donbas, this does not mean that financial support of terrorist organizations DNR/LNR will stop. Funding the DNI and the LC is secret, explains how the secret rulings (orders) of the government, closed lines in the budget, said one of the sources of RBC. It is unclear what is meant by the cost of “humanitarian support”, but most of all, it is only one of several channels of financing DND and LNR, he explains.

In the press repeatedly called the numbers of possible Russian aid to terrorist organizations DNR/LNR. Bloomberg reported that Russia pays monthly T. O. of the DNI to 2.5 billion rubles for the payment of pensions. In February 2017 the security Service of Ukraine reported that the budget T. O. LC for the first quarter of this year expects more than 11 billion rubles, of which about 9 billion rubles – the help of the Russian government.

In addition, Russia in the framework of “humanitarian support” supplies electricity to the astronomical clock. In the “budget” thus, the DNI is “humanitarian aid” as a source of income.

Earlier it was reported that on 24 August, Russia sent the 68th “gumanoy” in Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine.

Russia refuses to “humanitarian support” Donbass – rossm 15.09.2017

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