Recently in the German city of Koblenz, the Congress passed the leading right populist parties in Europe, declared a crusade against the EU and the Eurozone. The French national front led by marine Le Pen, Alternative for Germany, the freedom Party of the Netherlands, the Austrian Freedom party, the Italian Northern League, Belgian Flemish interest have agreed to support each other in the upcoming election battles in Europe. Together they included in the European Parliament in the Union of Europe of Nations and freedoms.

The Congress was held to the accompaniment of protests from liberal and leftist organizations, human rights activists network AVAAZ brought a banner that the leaders of the Association of prepopulates was depicted as if the successors to the dictators of the past – Stalin, Hitler, Franco, pétain and Mussolini. A protest was even visited by the Vice-Chancellor of Germany Sigmar Gabriel. However, this neighborhood did not spoil the elevated mood of the participants of the Congress, inspired by the victory of Donald trump in US elections.

“In 2016, the Anglo-Saxon world woke up. 2017, I’m sure, will be the year of the rise of the continental peoples ( Nations of continental Europe – ed.)”, – declared at the Congress of Le Pen. The leader of the freedom Party of the Netherlands was not less pathetic: “Yesterday – a new America. Today… the new Europe. The people of the West Wake up. They threw off the yoke of political correctness. This year will be the year of the peoples, year of liberation, a year of Patriotic spring.”

The main innovation was the joint performance with the same scene of National front leader marine Le Pen and leader of Alternative for Germany Frauke Petri, who thus showed themselves as an alternative of tandem a European core for Europe and have launched a new political year in Europe, which can bring great success to the populists.

Frauke Petry, and marine Le Pen (photo – EPA)


The largest party in the Alliance is right-wing populist national front in France. Its leader, marine Le Pen has a chance to get to the second round of presidential elections in France this spring. The special role of the party to the social issues – for example, promises to raise all salaries below 1,500 euros to 200 euros, to reduce tariffs for gas, electrics and train, the tax on fuel, to convert pension. The party of Le Pen in favor of holding a referendum on leaving the EU and leaving the Euro.

“The next day after my election, I will turn to the European Union and ask for the return of the four sovereign powers. Sovereignty, territory, borders, currency, economic sovereignty and legislative sovereignty,” said Le Pen at the Congress in Koblenz. The national front also supports an increase in defense spending to 2% of GDP and exit from the NATO military command of the Alliance as a whole.

Compared with the National front, Alternative for Germany (ADH) is the moderate party and less speculating on social issues. It was not created as a project of the far right, and because opponents of the Euro in 2013. Afterwards appeared the slogans about the dominance of the German language and culture instead of multiculturalism, the pursuit of the traditional family as the model of growth of birth rate instead of mass migration. The main emphasis in domestic politics is against the Islamic tradition, contrary to the German legal system. “Islam is not part of Germany,” proclaims the program of the party. Alternative for Germany, demands to ban the construction of minarets, the prayer calls of the muezzins, the construction of mosques at the expense of sponsors and foreign States, public wearing of the hijab.

Not speaking openly for the destruction of the European Union, the Alternative for Germany wants the demise of the Eurozone, the return of the powers of the EU to the national States, the closure and control the country’s borders, the movement of refugees to camps in North Africa is in Germany. In the party there is a wing, advocating for the country’s withdrawal from NATO, but still a large part of sympathizers of the Alternative for Germany sees NATO as a necessary defensive Alliance. One of the leaders of the party, retired officer George Pazderski welcomed the initiative of the trump on the redistribution of spending in NATO.

In the parliamentary elections on 24 September, the Alternative for Germany has all the chances to get into the Bundestag, and get there a third faction. In the elections to the parliaments of the West German land of Baden-württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate in 2016, the party took third place, and the East German land Saxony-Anhalt and Muilenburg-Vorpommern – second.

The ADG leader Frauke Petry, the leader of the Austrian freedom party of Heinz-Johann strache (photo – EPA)

A close ally of Alternative for Germany is the Austrian freedom party. Established in 1956, former SS officers and Wehrmacht, the party dramatically increased the pace during the leadership of jörg Haider in 1980-1990-ies that were attracted voters ‘ anti-immigrant and eurosceptic slogans, rhetoric against the Slavic national minorities. In 2000, the party first appeared in the Austrian government, which led to his boycott by EU authorities.

Now the party rejects inherent in the past of anti-Semitism, support Israel and instead of hostility to the neighboring Slavic countries promotes convergence with them – especially with the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Croatia. This is done in particular for the creation of the coalition against the policies of Angela Merkel, which the party criticized mercilessly for the admission of migrants in the EU. One of the leaders of the party Norbert Hofer barely made a splash in 2016, with a small margin after losing the presidential election in December 2016, the candidate of the green.

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Geert Wilders (photo – EPA)

Freedom party of the Netherlands headed by Geert Wilders professes a policy of assimilation of migrants, entails a struggle against the closure of Islamic schools and gender inequality in Muslim families. The party defends the rights of LGBT people, which distinguishes it from the allies, who directly or indirectly advocate the priority of the traditional family.

Wilders ‘ party is also in favour of leaving the EU by holding a referendum and even requires the removal of the Dutch star out of EU flag. “I’ll give the Netherlands back to the Dutch, as the Netherlands is our country,” wrote party leader Wilders on Twitter after winning trump.

Italian party the Northern League led by Matteo Salvini stands for the federalization of Italy and its division into three Autonomous regions: the North – Shore interests, which the League supposedly defends, Central and South. The Northern League is actively exaggerated the issues of migration, proposing quotas for migrants from Christian countries, prevent the migration from Muslim countries and deport illegal migrants. The party supports the exit from the Euro zone and the abandonment of further strengthening the powers of the bodies of the European Union. Today the Northern League is the strongest of several right-wing parties of Italy.

The Belgian party Vlaams Belang advocates the independence of Flanders speaking Dutch part of Belgium by peaceful divorce from the French-speaking part of the country. The party supports the deportation of migrants who reject Flemish culture, wear the hijab, limitation of unfair competition from cheap labour from Eastern Europe. The party supports the dismantling of the European Union, Eurozone, Schengen area. Flemish nationalists offer to return to the closed borders and cooperation in Europe, which existed before signing of the Maastricht accords in 1992. The chances of taking power in Flanders at the Flemish interest yet.

The increase in ratings of European right-wing populists caused by the appeal to social issues and the sewer of the discontent of the Europeans who have failed in the last 25 years of globalization, which in these circumstances, the annoying wave of migration, possible increased competition in the labour market. As a consequence, the North-Eastern part of France with deindustrializing cities that had voted for the socialists and the Communists, now became an Outpost of the National front. From the right-wing parties of the past European prepopulated also features the rejection of anti-Semitism. Marine Le Pen in France has also changed traditionally anti-Semitic nature of the party her father, Jean Marie Le pen and distanced themselves from his statements.

Ties with Russia

Each of the parties entering into the Alliance, with the exception of the freedom Party, Geert Wilders, has established an excellent relationship with the Moscow regime. Perhaps the lack of ties with the Kremlin caused by the prevailing negative attitude of the Dutch to Russia, the consequences of the destruction of MH17. However, Wilders has played an important role in propaganda of the Dutch vote against the ratification of the agreement on Association of Ukraine with the EU on 6 April 2016.

The Netherlands is the EU country where Russia are the worst

The national front stands for energy and military Alliance with Russia, denying NATO’s role as a counterweight to the aggressive ambitions of the Kremlin. The investigation Mediapart in 2014 showed that the party of Le Pen was funded through the Russian banks connected with Putin’s entourage. The National front leader has repeatedly supported the position of Moscow in the Crimea and recognized the pseudo-referendum in the Crimea.

The Austrian freedom party in December 2016, signed a cooperation agreement with United Russia. The ceremony was attended by the leaders of the party of Heinz-Johann strache and Norbert Hofer, as well as Vice-speaker of the state Duma Pyotr Tolstoy. In response to criticism of the media, the leaders of the Austrian populist justified, they say, Russia is not a Communist country, the sanctions against Russia put under threat 50 thousand jobs in Austria in the sectors of tourism, engineering, agriculture.

One of the leaders of the Austrian freedom party, the Vice-burgomaster of Vienna, Johann Gudenus taught Russian language in Moscow and has repeatedly proclaimed that Europe needs Russia as an ally more than in the US. In 2014, he was an observer at the pseudo-referendum in the Crimea, and previously even met with Putin’s Governor of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov. After the meeting, Gudenus said that Chechens seeking asylum in Austria, are not fugitives from Kadyrov, but an ordinary migrant workers.

The leader of the Austrian freedom party of Heinz-Johann strache and Vice-speaker of the state Duma Pyotr Tolstoy (photo –

In the Alternative, for Germany, the husband of party leader Frauke Petry – MEP Markus Prötzel and one of the leaders of the youth organization Marcus Frohnmayer repeatedly visited the occupied Crimea, in violation of the legislation of Ukraine. Later it became known that the visit of the Russian Pretzel paid by the Fund associated with the Administration of the President of Russia. And in April 2016, the youth Union of ADH and Pro-Putin Young Guard agreed to cooperate.

The Northern League is the most Pro-Russian party of Italy. Its leader Matteo Salvini in 2014 met with Putin, recognized the pseudo-referendum in Crimea and has accused the Ukrainian authorities of violating the rights of Russian speakers in Ukraine. In the middle of October 2014 I paid a visit to Moscow, met with the speaker recognized in Ukraine illegitimate state Duma Sergei Naryshkin promised that his party will make efforts for recognition of the “reunification” of Crimea with Russia.

The party leader accused the government of Matteo Renzi in the destruction of the Italian economy by imposing sanctions against Russia. In December 2014, Salvini said in an interview with radio radio Anchio that between Renzi and Putin as Prime Minister of Italy will choose Putin. “I would like to see tomorrow the head of Putin’s Cabinet of Ministers,” he said.

Matteo Salvini and Vladimir Putin (photo

Finally, one of the leaders of the Flemish interest Filip DeWinter, after the occupation of the Crimea in April 2014, said: “I think we can be good partner for Russia in the European Parliament. And Russia sees us as a partner.”

Intermediaries between trump and the Kremlin

After coming to the White house trump European populists want to mediate between his administration and the Kremlin. “As a neutral state, Austria would be in the role as mediator for peace. The summit between Russia and the United States in Austria will strengthen our role as a neutral state,” – said the leader of the Austrian freedom party of Heinz-Johann strache in a press conference on December 20.

He noted the need of lifting the sanctions against Russia with the US solution to the Syrian conflict. A month earlier, the delegation of the Austrian populists in the United States, where he talked to national security Advisor Donald trump, Michael Flynn. The latter is known for his desire to make Russia a US ally in the fight against Islamic terrorism in the middle East.

“The Alliance between the US and Russia are particularly important to achieve a diplomatic solution to the conflict in Syria and the Crimea, and stress is bad for the economy and, ultimately, useless sanctions,” – said in a statement, the Austrian freedom party.

The joy of election trump European prepopulated due to the influence of so-called alternative right on trump. Senior Advisor and chief strategist of the new US President Stephen Bannon – their representative. He led the campaign of trump in the final stage, once by Paul Manafort was forced to resign against the background of information about the presence of his name in the black bookkeeping of the Party of regions. Before the presidential campaign’bannon was editor-in-right news site Breitbart News, devoid of political correctness and defending the views of right-wing alternative.

A senior adviser to trump, Steve Bannon (photo – EPA)

In July 2016 in an interview with Radio Londres’bannon expressed his admiration for the niece of marine Le Pen, a Deputy in the French Parliament from the National front, Marion maréchal Le Pen, who took part in the campaign against same-sex marriage: “Marion Marechal Le Pen is the new rising star. We expect to open Breibart Breibart Paris or France. Traditional media consider the Americans as isolationists, little interested in the outside world. It is just the opposite!”. Informed Breitbart covered the growing influence of the independence party of great Britain, the freedom Party of the Netherlands and Alternative for Germany. In an interview with Bannon said he wanted to attract the attention of Americans to the European elections, especially in France, which, in his opinion, will be a historic and fit into his picture of the world – the confrontation between elites and populists-nationalists.

It is not yet clear whether the European populists them sympathetic to the White house to fulfill the mission of the mediators in the negotiations with the Kremlin. But the Alliance of populists will definitely be cleared in Europe the policy of Russia and regularly raise the issue of lifting the sanctions against it. In this environment, the Imperial ambitions of the Russian leadership always found honor and respect, even if they are aimed at the destruction of independent States and the creation of zones of influence at any cost.

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Russian spring in Europe. Populists declared a crusade on EU 30.01.2017

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