Today, in Day of Russia, in dozens of cities in the Russian Federation there are mass protests against corruption, the Kremlin regime, due to the investigation into the opposition of a multibillion-dollar state Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and the “friends” of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The initiator of the action, and on March 26, he became an opposition politician Alexei Navalny.

In late March, public dissatisfaction with the Russian government resulted in the detention of many of the participants and the initiator. Then, on the streets on Russian cities went from 32 thousand to 93 thousand people, and detained was estimated to be resource, Medusa, 1666-1805. Today’s rally, according to organizers, was planned in more than 200 cities, however, full agreement with the authorities was only 50 cities. As noted by the protesters, this time their mass outside of Moscow has grown.

All that is known at this point about the protests in the review

Stream from Moscow:

Early in the morning, it was announced that Navalny refused to hold a protest on Sakharov Avenue, explaining that “pressure from the city authorities” and calling to move to 14:00 on Tverskaya street under the guise of “folk festivals”. The Moscow authorities became alarmed and stated that the decision Navalny is “a provocation”.

Entrance to Tverskaya street was blocked by the special and armored vehicles, police and security forces, the people one passed through the frame:

In the mayor’s office said that if the supporters of Navalny gather “without the posters and are not shouting slogans,” no one to intervene will not, however, last night Tverskaya street was blocked off to traffic, closed today and for pedestrians.

People write posters directly on Tverskaya street, once we passed the control:

Protesters chant slogans “you do not Dimon”, “Medvedev resign,” “Dimon, come forth”, “No police state”.

Think about it, what have we come to – just go out in the day in the end, for civic courage!

– vodka and Meldonium (@treugolny_hui) 11 June 2017 R.

Around 13:00 Kyiv time, security forces began detaining those who came to Tver.

Photo: EPA

At 13:30 wife Yulia Navalny said that the opposition leader was detained at the entrance of the house. “He said to tell you that plans don’t change: Tver” she said on Twitter.

“Day of Russia” – syroniziroval it, post a photo of the arrest:


Around the same time at the Foundation’s office for combating corruption – based Bulk organization, the power went out, said his press Secretary, Kira Yarmish.

As at 15:00 in Moscow detained 121 people, in St. Petersburg – 137.

At the same time in the Russian capital organized by the Pro-government historical festival “Times and epochs. The meeting.” Participant in the protest movement wrote under a photo of one of the reenactors that “the order observes comrade NKVD; sorry, a thousand Riot police today similarly not dressed”.


According to his former colleague of the slain Boris Nemtsov, Ilya Yashin, the police are actively delaying all with Russian flags, posters or those “who just don’t like it.”

Concert venue of the city authorities (photos


“Only that the riot police had got the room with a box “No to fascism”. People are chanting: “Shame!” – said the opposition leader before he got into the paddy wagon.


Photo: EPA

Another Russia – outside Moscow

In Vladivostok along with two dozen people were detained coordinator of Navalny’s campaign staff Yury Kuchin, which is situated in one of the city’s police Department. He was “sew” the charges allegedly assaulting a police officer. To confront the protesters came from the local “Cossacks”.

“They are here and presentia, and drunk there, so now downright scary. Drove a huge van, people sarcastically applaud”, – write in social networks.


In the procession in Novosibirsk was attended by about four thousand people.


In Saint-Petersburg on leaving the house, arrested the local MP, Daniel Ken, who wanted to attend the rally on the Champ de Mars.

Saint Petersburg:

Remember, as a 14-year laugh at the Ukraine, like they “TSE Europe”. Today they are in Europe without visas. But nothing! We also bezviz! In Chechnya, for example. Today, the Russian government imprisoned for only one – to preserve non-replaceable power of one person – Putin”, – wrote in social networks from Rostov.


Dozens of people who have come to share in Orenburg, do not disagree, despite the rain:


“In Norilsk generally never protested since the uprising of prisoners of Norillag (1953). And then 10 people have been detained,” – say the locals.


“Already quite a big crowd, the queue at the gate VERY long, like a concert,” – says a resident of Chelyabinsk, about 10:00 Kyiv time.


Omsk, according to estimates from 2 to 3 thousand people:

“Power thought at seven in the morning no one will come to the meeting,” report from Barnaul.




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Simultaneously with the beginning of the action unidentified hackers broke into several government websites and pages to local authorities by placing on them the movie “He’s not Dimon.”

In may this year the court ordered Alexei Navalny founded, the Fund of struggle against corruption to deny and delete statements from several publications on various resources, including those contained in the movie “He’s not Dimon.”

Photo: social networks

Russians took to the streets against the corruption of the Kremlin: the most important 12.06.2017

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