The organizer of the third “March for impeachment” the ex-Governor of Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili called a provocation by the security forces clashes near the October Palace. He said this during the broadcast which leads the TV channel ZIK.

He stated that in the October Palace protesters walked with purpose to rent an office and make it the headquarters, and also to hold the event in the auditorium.

“Instead of administration, which was supposed to meet us, met us there, armed to the teeth with the national guard, in large amounts, that is specially prepared, because it is impossible to banish, tear gas, truncheons and other special means. And they provoked the clashes”, he said.

He also said, that when clashes broke out, he “immediately got on the car, urged the people not to engage in skirmishes and move away” from the Palace. “I condemn any violent action. I condemn attempts to capture any administrative or not administrative buildings”, – he added.

To a journalist’s question about who promised to resolve the “rent a room”, he replied that they “received a message that it is possible to make temporary headquarters from our members that there talked.”

“No need to break in. They want to marginalize us and to make the deadline. Don’t play their game. When we will be millions, for us, these Windows themselves will open when we will have hundreds of thousands, these doors will open,” – said Saakashvili.

In addition, he stated that President Petro Poroshenko organized this provocation.

“I think he (Poroshenko – ed.) staged, I think that they made. Poroshenko can negotiate about our surrender, and Poroshenko need to arrange talks as he peacefully depart from the authorities,” he concluded.

We will remind,Saakashvili and his supporters after participating in the “March for impeachment” decided to build in the October Palace “coordinating headquarters”. They philomelion the door and tried to get inside the building. Clashed with police officers. The head of national police of Kiev instructed to ensure the safety of the children in the building.

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Saakashvili called a provocation taking place in the October Palace 17.12.2017

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