The former Governor of the Odessa region and the leader of the party “movement novih forces,” Saakashvili came, summoned by the Prosecutor General’s office, but did not give testimony. It is reported by the speaker of the GPU Andriy Lysenko on Facebook.

“December 18, 2017 Saakashvili Mikheil Nikolozovich arrived at the Prosecutor General’s office, but refused to come into his office of the Prosecutor to participate in the investigation as a suspect in criminal proceedings”, – he wrote.

When Saakashvili talked to journalists, to his cold went out the procedural head in criminal proceedings Alexander Govorushin and asked to go to the office to undergo investigation. In this the lawyer Ruslan Chernolutsky said he wanted to make a statement, and Saakashvili has angered govorushka gestures of the hands: “That you have such gestures? Calm down. Do not wave your hands, young man.”

“I’m telling you shut up and listen to my lawyer,” said the ex-Governor, in response to the procedural request of the head not to raise his voice. When Govorushin turned and walked away, Saakashvili told reporters: “Here’s your office!”.

The lawyer of ex-Governor stated that this attorney has refused to communicate with them, as Saakashvili did not violate the procedure: “We are at 09:30 came.”

According to Lysenko, the Prosecutor within his authority and in accordance with the requirements of the current criminal procedure code to inform about a call on interrogation of Saakashvili, sending him to the postal address and giving his attorney an appropriate agenda. Because the suspect did not appear for questioning, the Prosecutor intends to subpoena.

Saakashvili came to the Prosecutor General, but did not give testimony 18.12.2017

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