The former Governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili, in respect of which at the end of July the decision was reversed 2015 on granting him citizenship of Ukraine, will be able to freely enter Ukraine, says independent member of Parliament Viktor Chumak. He said this in an interview

Answering the journalist’s question about how events can develop September 10, when Saakashvili will try to return to the country, Chumak said, “come Back and everything. I have not the slightest doubt in this. Will meet will not meet him – doesn’t matter, he even without any meetings to be held border.”

According to the Deputy, that Saakashvili on the border can withdraw the passport of the citizen of Ukraine, does not mean that it will not pass in the country, as the state has a number of obligations to the person whom it deprived of citizenship. “You took from me the passport. Give me the document on the basis of which I was deprived of citizenship and the document that I am now a stateless person. Let’s go to the migration service and observing all the formalities”.

As soon as Mikhail Saakashvili will receive documentary evidence that he has indeed been deprived of citizenship, he will be able to challenge the lawfulness of that decision through the courts. Chumak believes that the former head of the Odessa regional state administration, this case will be obviously winning. “So stupid, so stupid, so against the rules it was made that it is sure to be challenged in the courts,” he says. “And even if our courts stand on the side of Bank, about the decision of the ECHR in General, there is no doubt.”

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Earlier, Saakashvili said that he plans to return to Ukraine on 10 September 2017.

On 29 August, the representative of the President in the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Lutsenko, commenting on the possibility of the return of Saakashvili to Ukraine, said that this case should trigger the laws of Ukraine and the state border service.

The state border service reported that the passport of the citizen of Ukraine, which entered in the register as invalid, on the border should be withdrawn, and its owner refused the admission through frontier.

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Saakashvili miss in the country – Chumak 04.09.2017

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