A person with a genetic predisposition to obesity, that sleeping less than seven and more than nine hours increases the risk of obesity. This is the study found by scientists at the University of Glasgow, informs Bi-bi-si.

Weight predisposed to be overweight people who sleep a lot, an average of 4 kg more than those who sleeps 7-9 hours. Those who sleeps a little, the weight exceeded 2 kg.

On the risk of obesity is also influenced by daytime sleep, night shift and day shift work, when the output time of the employee’s job changes every day, week or month.

This negative effect is observed regardless of diet, health condition or socio-demographic group of people.

However, the impact of irregular sleep weight those who have no predisposition to be overweight, much less, say the study authors.

The results of the study indicate that even with a genetic predisposition to be overweight an important role in the fight against obesity is lifestyle.

This is the first study that analyzes the relationship between sleep duration and risk of obesity. The researchers used the data of UK Biobank – a British store biological materials.

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Scientists have described how sleep affects a person’s weight 02.03.2017

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