Researchers have found a link between sleep quality couples and their satisfaction with romantic relationships. This is the website of Psychology Today.

Researchers recruited about 70 Bridal couples, and every day conducted separate polls for weeks, assessing their sleep, satisfaction with specific events in different areas of their relationship, and then their overall satisfaction with the relationship.

The results of the study showed that couples were happier in relationships back in those days, when they slept better. For example, men who slept enough, claim that much more happy with their marriage.

Scientists believe that people need to learn to control their emotions, to distinguish between daily mood swings from total dissatisfaction in the relationship.

The authors of the experiment say that sleep is a key element in the brain, which is responsible for mood swings.

March 17, 2017 scientists from Warwick University stated that the quality of sleep is very beneficial for mental health.

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Scientists have described how sleep affects romance 29.05.2017

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