A team of specialists from the Estonian University of life Sciences, University of Turku and the University of são Paulo (Brazil) opened five unknown species of mosquitoes. Blood-sucking is not among them, writes Rosbalt.

It is noted that the tropical rain forest in Costa Rica and Colombia is infested by these insects. Length mosquito is not more than 2 mm.

Risk people a new species of mosquito can not imagine because they do not drink the blood of humans or animals and do not spread disease. Mosquito larvae feed on decaying organic matter and play an important role as reducent.

The work of scientists published in the journal ZooKeys. The contribution of Estonian scientists is that they “helped to describe the already captured insects”, according to BNS.

Earlier it was reported that in Kiev region have introduced quarantine: I suspect the African plague.

Scientists have discovered a new species of mosquitoes that do not drink blood 30.04.2017

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