Scientists have conducted numerous experiments and came to the conclusion that to prolong life is indeed possible with the help of modern scientific methods, but to conquer aging as such, making a person young forever is unlikely. This argues a group of mathematicians from the University of Arizona, reports NakedScience.

Scientists have built a computer model that simulates the human body and consisting of a large number of cells. Cells gradually lose their viability: wore out, losing communication with each other. This can be avoided only by “disobedience” of the cells of the General rules as well as competition between them when weaker cells are replaced by new ones.

But such a substitution leads to negative processes. When competition between cells is not only the substitution of some other cells, but also worsens their interaction. This dramatically increases the risk of cancer: it begins uncontrolled proliferation of cells that eventually destroys the whole body. Scientists have considered other options that can replace some other cells, but in these instances the aging not only slows down, but, on the contrary, accelerated.

Research suggests that all of the above can undo the efforts of science in the fight against aging. But if at the same time cleanse the body of “aged” cells and to effectively address the cancer, it will help in theory, prolong life.

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March 24, 2017 it was reported that Dutch scientists have successfully tested on the mice a drug against aging. As a result, older mice after the drug was again increased physical endurance.

Scientists have explained why it is impossible to defeat aging 03.11.2017

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