Strong load on the heart during sex can lead to fatal damage of the organ. American scientists investigated whether this load can cause sudden cardiac arrest, 4557 analyzing such cases, and came to the conclusion that only 0.75% of the episodes occurred during sexual intercourse. It is reported by Naked Science with reference to a study in the journal of the American College of Cardiology.

Material for the study was a database Oregon SUDS (Oregon Sudden Unexpected Death Study). It contains data on cases of sudden death in Portland, Oregon, from 2002 to 2015. Of 4557 cases of sudden cardiac arrest in this period, only 34 occurred during sexual intercourse. Victims of these episodes often turned out to be male, aged about 60 years. The majority of patients suffered from cardiovascular diseases and taking drugs.

The researchers found that only one-third of cases, partners of patients were able to provide first aid to do chest compressions and artificial respiration. When sudden cardiac arrest first aid is needed immediately, within 5-6 minutes after the disruption of the heart. According to the researchers, the lack of first aid has become one of the main causes of death during sexual intercourse. Among other possible causes scientists call the use of alcohol and various substances-stimulants before sex. Statistics of the use of such substances in the database no but for patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases, stimulants and alcohol significantly increase the risk of sudden cardiac arrest. The comparison with the control group showed that the frequency of sexual acts did not affect the risk of heart failure.

The authors of the study believe that reducing the number of deaths from sudden cardiac arrest will help learning the techniques of first aid. The more people will be familiar with the technique of cardiac massage and artificial respiration, the more patients will be able to wait for the arrival of the ambulance regardless of the circumstances under which occurred cardiac arrest.

Earlier it was reported that an increased intake of unsaturated fatty acids omega-3 patients after a heart attack speeds up their recovery.

Scientists have found, can sex lead to cardiac arrest 14.11.2017

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