According to estimates of demographers, the loss among the residents of the Ukraine organized by Stalin’s regime famine of 1932-1933 was 3.9 million people. This at a press conference said the Deputy Director of the Institute of demography and social studies named after mV ptukha national Academy of Sciences Alexander Gladun, reports UNIAN.

“According to our calculations, losses due to high mortality is 3.9 million people. Very often in the speeches of politicians, in the media, you can hear the numbers 7, 10 (million) and now say 12 million of losses,” he said, recommending “very carefully” to treat such exaggerated figures, mostly do not have the demographic study.

Chief researcher of the Institute Natalia Levchuk explained what is meant when talking about the losses from the famine, and how they are evaluated.

“The loss of hunger is not all of the dead during this time, and their excess. That is the difference between the actual number of deaths during the famine, and the expected number that would be in the absence of hunger. This is a direct loss… of Indirect losses is the number of the unborn, those who would be born in the absence of hunger, but not born, and which are calculated as the difference between the expected number of births and the number actually born,” – said the scientist.

“Thus, the loss of population of Ukraine in General are 3942,5 million (direct loss), deficit of births – about 600 thousand”, – said Levchuk.

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She noted that, from a demographic point of view, the famine in Ukraine differs from other regions of the USSR.

“In our assessment, because of the high mortality the population losses of the USSR in the years 1932-1934 reach 8.7 million people… In absolute terms, the biggest loss is to Ukraine, 3.9 million But compare the absolute loss between the republics incorrect because they had a different population. Ukraine at that time had somewhere 30-31 million in different years, and the Russian Federation – 104-105 million,” she said.

In regional terms, the losses from the famine of the then seven regions of Ukraine most affected Kiev and Kharkov – in each of them because of the high mortality prematurely died more than a million people. The second group consists of Vinnytsia, Dnipropetrovsk and Odessa region. The relatively low losses suffered Chernihiv and Donetsk region.

Made public in November 2017, the results of sociological research, the majority of Ukrainians believe that the Holodomor of 1932-33 was genocide against the Ukrainian people.

Scientists have named the actual number of deaths from the famine of the Ukrainians 24.11.2017

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