Bagpipes can be deadly for musicians playing on them. To such conclusion the doctors from the Manchester hospital in Wythenshawe in an article published in the journal Thorax.

Scientists have described a disease of Piper, who for seven years had suffered from dry cough and shortness of breath until I got a complication and didn’t get to the hospital.

There he received a rare diagnosis: “exogenic allergic alveolitis” – a disease often diagnosed in those who deal with birds or hay. It is caused by fungal spores that enter the body with inhaled air.

When the man left his instrument at home, he went to Australia, the doctors realized that the problem lay in the bagpipes. Taking samples from the bag of the bagpipes, the doctors found there was mold and fungi. The cause of illness was resolved, but soon the man died from lung damage. According to doctors, many wind instruments are a similar threat. “Due to the fact that wind instruments are warm and humid, is an ideal place for propagation of mold and fungi,” explained the author Jenny king.

Documented cases of similar diseases in those who played saxophone and trombone.

Scientists: playing wind instruments can be deadly 23.08.2016

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