Scientists at Oxford University have refuted the theory that the world exists in a computer simulation. The study worked Zohar Ringel, and Dmitry Kovrizhin.

Scientists disproved, that the computer can create such a large number of simultaneous actions.

The Ringel and Kovrigin considered that only for storing information about several hundred electrons required computer memory, which requires more atoms than there are in the Universe.

The study proved that to simulate such a system impossible on a classical computer, but maybe this once will be able to handle quantum computers.

American businessman and inventor Elon Musk is one of the adherents of the theory of the matrix. He believes that humanity lives in a simulation of the real world.

As argued Musk, very quickly develop video games and people are already creating through them a different reality and can control it. Therefore, the probability that humanity lives in an underlying reality – one to billions.

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Scientists proved the impossibility of the existence of the matrix 08.10.2017

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