The Ministry of ecology and natural resources is initiating research in the population of European elk in Ukraine. This was stated by Minister of ecology and natural resources Ostap Semerak during a joint press conference the Ministry of environment and Ministry of agriculture, government portal reports.

“Debate on banning hunting elk is not complete. We will continue this discussion at the level of scientists, animal welfare activists and two ministries – the Ministry of environment and Ministry of agriculture. At this stage a compromise was found right decision to reduce the limits by 50%. The agriculture Ministry for the first time in 10 years went into this compromise. This was preceded by dozens of discussions and submission of comments the Ministry of environment in coordination limits”, – said Semerak.

The Minister reminded that the submission of the Ministry, the Cabinet has allocated funds to assess the population of European elk this year. According to him, the difficulty of such studies lies in the fact that their calculation is only possible in autumn and winter.

Semerak noted that in the near future will be carried out scientific research with the participation of scientists of NASU, animal welfare activists, representatives of the Ministry of environment. This will provide an opportunity to assess the real status of the populations of moose and then based on the numbers to make decisions. “And if the information about the threats to their existence are confirmed, we will get back to initiated the dialogue on the ban of hunting,” – said the Minister of natural resources.

The Minister also said that now a Subcommission of Zoology of NASU on making a moose in the European Red book, and the Ministry of environment will insist on bring this matter to a logical conclusion.

“In 1991, Ukraine had almost 15 thousand head of elk. Now they are 6.5 thousand. As you can see, the figures indicate that the moose population is in critical condition, so inclusion in the Red book of Ukraine is a question of the further preservation of this population in Ukraine”, – said the Chairman of the Kiev ecological and cultural center Vladimir Boreyko.

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On 3 February, Ukraine has introduced a ban on the hunting of moose. The moratorium was intended to operate for the next 25 years. Semerak said that with the adoption of the moratorium “late 20-30 years”.

In may 2017, the Ministry of ecology and natural resources appealed to the National Commission on the red book on the question of adding moose to endangered species.

Semerak called the condition for the prohibition of hunting elk in Ukraine 08.10.2017

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