The leader of the Pro-Russian opposition Serbian radical party Vojislav Seselj urged the government to declare persona non grata of the Ambassador of Ukraine Alexander Alexandrovich for his words against Serbia and Russia. This publication reports Danas.

“You just need to quickly expel him from the territory of Serbia. It’s time to show other ambassadors that how they behave in relation to Serbia, can’t last forever,” he said.

Seselj protested that recently Ukraine’s Ambassador said that Russia is using Serbia to create chaos and provoke a new war in the Balkans, and that Russia teaches Serbian mercenaries to kill Ukrainians and that Russian President Vladimir Putin is using his country as “another tool for the destruction of Europe.”

“I can understand why the Serbian government is afraid of the sheep – the American Ambassador Kyle Stingray, which has horns, symbol of strength and heavy weapons. But why is Serbia afraid of this shit, like the Ukrainian Ambassador Alexander?” said Seselj, referring to the old Serbian proverb about sheep.

Photo: EPA

Earlier yesterday at the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Serbia criticized the latest statements of the Ukrainian Ambassador Alexander Alexandrov ask the foreign Ministry of Ukraine to show him to the inadmissibility in the future, “such conduct”, otherwise the Serbian Ministry threatened to take “common action”.

We are talking about an interview with the Ukrainian Ambassador in Serbia the publication of Balkan Insight, which, in particular, Alexandrov said that Serbia is not doing enough efforts to discourage its citizens ‘ participation in the conflict in the Donbass on the party of fighters. He believes that current relations between the Serbs and Russia are an obstacle to the solution of this problem.

Earlier, the SBU handed over the Serbia information on the participation of its citizens in PMC Wagner. Alexandrovich said that the Serbian side has ignored this information.

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Serbian politician asks to declare persona non grata of the Ambassador of Ukraine 03.11.2017

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