Vladimir Serdyuk, which the FSB called the curator of the fictitious Russian intelligence agencies “sabotage” in the Crimea, told Hromadske that he actually served in the 37th battalion, but all other information about him in the Kremlin media is a complete lie.

“I served in the 37th battalion officer-psychologist. My duties included talking with people, to deal with “avatars”, to issue spare parts (absence without leave, – ed.). Nor intelligence, nor the intelligence I have no relationship. I’m not running anything and did not send anyone anywhere. I’m a good person. Not a terrorist, not plotting anything”, – said Serdyuk.

He also said that he was demobilized on 30 September last year. Now lives in Kiev and is engaged in the business, who left before the war: a small design office.

Serdyuk said that he knows abducted by Russian security forces Yevgeny Panov, with which he served at one time, and believes that the testimony he gave against their will. He also added that Panova – poor health and we must do everything for his release. “He is spirited, but his health is weak. When he came to us, was surprising, as it is in the military so health missed. But we need to do everything in his power to release it,” he said. Alexei Sandula that Russian security forces were also accused of involvement in a fictional “sabotage”, according to Serdyuk, the hand does not work after shrapnel wounds, and Oleg Dmitrenko in 50 years and it also has nothing to do with intelligence.

Earlier, the Ministry of defence of Ukraine disproved the fiction of the organizers of “sabotage” in the Crimea. The defense Ministry reported that Vladimir Serdyuk, who called the Ukrainian curator of the alleged “sabotage”, is not an employee of WTP, as specified in the Russian media of the 37th battalion of the 56th brigade, composed of the Chief of intelligence never existed.

On 10 August, the FSB and Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Ukraine of preparing attacks in the Crimea. Ukraine has rejected the charges. According to the Ukrainian intelligence, in the Crimea there was a firefight between the FSB and the Russian military. This situation is the Russian government trying to pass off as sabotage of Ukraine. The EU and NATO said that Moscow failed to provide evidence against Ukraine. President Petro Poroshenko recommended Putin to stop “dream” and begin to abide by international agreements.

Serdyuk rejected the fiction of the FSB about his involvement in “acts of sabotage” in the Crimea 14.08.2016

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