Today, 11 October, expired on the third month from the date when entered into force the requirements of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) on the minimum registered statutory capital of 200 million UAH. Like a month ago, seven banks there is no registered share capital of 200 million UAH, writes FinClub.

According to the Ministry, the authorized capital less than 200 million UAH from the Bank Center Credit Optima Bank, Ukrainian Bank of reconstruction and development (the Charter capital of 120 million UAH), Alpari Bank (UAH 122 million), Ayboks Bank (122,45 million UAH), the Portal of the Bank (125 million UAH), Polikombank (145 million UAH).

The NBU was able to recognize these troubled banks in July. After that, banks will have 180 days to correct violations of the law, the newspaper notes.

“For the seven banks is the verification of the source of capital,” – said the Deputy head of the NBU Kateryna Rozhkova September 12.

But on October 4, she was talking about six banks, “6 banks reached UAH 200 million and we continue to work with them”. Has the 7th she reported that six small banks operating in a mode of restriction by reason of the verification by the national Bank of the source of funds for their recapitalization. Limitations are an essential element of the regime of “reality”.

According to the publication, reducing the list from seven to six banks due to the fact that the risk alleged is no more Ayboks Bank, the quality of capital which the NBU has no issues.

Rozhkova said that the results of the diagnostic survey of small banks, only four are in need of recapitalisation in the total amount of 143.1 million.

NBU decree of 4 February 2016, found that by 11 January 2017, banks are required to increase the authorized capital up to UAH 300 million. At the same time by the resolution of April 7, 2016 national Bank has softened the previously set schedule of capitalization, in particular, the requirements for banks to increase until January 11, 2017 authorized capital to 300 million obliged them to increase the minimum size of the authorized capital up to UAH 200 million by mid-2017. Then mid-2018, the authorized capital of banks should be increased to at least UAH 300 million, until mid-2019, – up to UAH 400 million, until mid-2020 – 450 million, by mid-2024 – up to UAH 500 million.

Seven banks failed to meet the requirements for capitalization 12.10.2017

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