The German company Siemens was unable to prove in court that its subsidiary, Siemens gas turbine technologies have been deceived at the conclusion of the contract for the supply of gas turbines. The corresponding decision of Arbitration court of Moscow leads TASS.

Siemens is suing the structures of state Corporation rostec – JSC and JSC Technopromexport, demanding the return of the gas turbine set, according to the German company, in annexed to the Crimea to bypass sanctions of the European Union.

Siemens stated that at the conclusion of the contract, the company deceived the suppliers and decided “under the pretext of realization of the project on the Taman Peninsula to purchase the necessary equipment and actually use it on the territory of Crimea”.

“The plaintiffs in the original lawsuit did not prove that Siemens gas turbine technology had the wrong idea about the nature and subject of the disputed contract. Evidence that the defendants intentionally created the plaintiffs factually inaccurate idea about the nature of the transaction, its terms, identity of parties, subject matter, other circumstances that influenced the decision of Siemens gas turbine technology to conclude the disputed contract in the case provided”, – is told in the decision of the court.

The court also found no grounds for satisfaction of the counterclaim of the company, who had challenged the clauses of the contract, which, according to the structure of the Corporation, “contrary to the prohibition of action prejudicial to the sovereignty of the Russian Federation, the principle of unity of economic space and free movement of goods in the territory of the Russian Federation, which does not correspond to the Constitution of the Russian Federation”.

We are talking about items that, according to Siemens, was included in the contract in order to avoid violation of EU sanctions.

As reported, Siemens accuses two Russian companies that they illegally moved to the Crimea annexed by Russia four turbine set for power plant construction in Taman. Under the sanctions restrictions, the German company prohibits the use of their turbines for the production of electricity in the Crimea because the EU does not recognize the Russian status of Crimea. The German company requires the return of the turbine and to admit of the sale of turbines invalid.

Earlier it was reported that Siemens has signed a contract to supply three turbines in Russia.

Siemens failed to prove that he was deceived by Russian companies 26.12.2017

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