Ex-employee NACP Anna Solomatina who reported corruption within the Agency and rigging checks, e-declarations, published in Facebook snippets of their alleged correspondence with officials of the presidential Administration Alexei Gorshenkova, which is called the “curator of the national Agency on prevention of corruption”.

“If someone still has doubts about the existence of the supervisor for the NACP in the presidential Administration or hope that the security service will provide impartial examination of the case at the request of the plaintiffs of NACP – read the fragments of my WhatsApp chat Aleksey Gorshenkova,” wrote the former official.

Solomatina said that he fears for his life and health, especially after the attack on Poltava judge-accuser Larisa Golnik.

“However, I’d rather publish it now than wait for will come to me “polite people” from the Department because no One is interested to investigate it, at least let the public know what is happening,” she said.

One of the fragments published correspondence concerns the dismissal Solomatina from NACP. In it people recorded as “Alex the Mountains.”, says that “had” to report to the President about the care of the official.

Also “Gorshenkov” notes that “in some test cases over time”, and Solomatina wait for the results is not worth it – “reports of the SBU”.

“I was with K. only one call. Told you not to touch you until the 16th day and not interfere with work. More than anything,” he writes.

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In another fragment of correspondence “Gorshenkov” Solomatina said that “we need to hurry to launch an attack on Julia and Rabin…cha”, and also asked the clerk to convey “three options for the Georgians, as agreed.”

November 14, 2017 Department head of financial control NACP Anna Solomatina said that the Agency allegedly falsifiziert the results of auditing declarations to cover loyal to the government officials, the massacre of undesirables, as well as for personal enrichment. She stated that this happens at the direction of the head of the NACP Natalia Korchak.

NABU began a preliminary inquiry into possible bribes by the officials of anti-corruption Agency and other authorities, and the Bank has rejected all charges in their address.

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Photo: Facebook Gunn Solomatina

Solomatin has published correspondence with the “curator NACP on Bank” 24.11.2017

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