Employee NACP Anna Solomatina who reported corruption within the Agency refuses to cooperate with the investigation of the SBU, the Prosecutor General’s office which referred the case, and reports on the preparation of the claim to the HCP and SAP. Solomatina about this wrote on his page in Facebook.

Yesterday it became known that the Prosecutor General’s office forwarded the investigation against the leadership of NACP, which led to the NEB, the security Service of Ukraine.

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko explained that she Solomatina said minipulated with one of the leaders of NABOO Guizot Uglovoy. After that, according to the attorney General, SAP applied to the GPU for referral to the SBU.

In today’s statement Solomatin says that it could not investigate the SBU, as it appears the employee of this Department by name karpushyn.

“It Karpushin brought back a package of documents about abuses in the NACP, which my colleague drove on Resnicow (office of the GPU, – ed.). Returned unregistered and said: do not climb”, – said in a statement.

“We got in touch last night with the detectives (NABU – ed.) – was hoping it was some kind of mistake. In vain. They say that last week drove in SAP application and materials. They refused each time. And then there’s that…” said Solomatin.

She stressed that she will seek to return the case to the NAB. “We believe only the detectives NAB. We don’t care what sort of relationship between NABOO, SAP or NACP. They – the ones who we believe in. And we will work with them”, – the official has written.

She asked for assistance in preparing a claim of human rights defenders and lawyers of Maidan.

On 14 November the head of financial control Department NACP Anna Solomatina said at a briefing that the Agency allegedly falsifiziert the results of auditing declarations to cover loyal to the government officials, the massacre of undesirables, as well as for personal enrichment. She stated that this happens at the direction of the head of the NACP Natalia Korchak. NABU began a preliminary inquiry into possible bribes by the officials of NACP and other authorities.

Solomatina refuses to cooperate with investigation of the SBU in the case of NACP 18.11.2017

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