In the case of early elections to the Verkhovna Rada, the Parliament passed eight parties. This is evidenced by data survey, conducted by the sociological group Rating.

Leader of electoral sympathies among the political parties is the party Batkivshchyna. For her ready to vote for 16.8% of those who are undecided and intend to take part in the vote. Another 14.5% said they support the BPP Solidarity, And 9.4% the Opposition bloc, 8,9% – the party “For life”, 7,7% – Radical party, 6,8% – Civil position, 6,5% – Samopomich, 5,6% – IN Freedom.

The rating of the other parties, according to the survey, less than 3%.

In “anti-rating” of the parties is the leader of the BPP Solidarity, as is 22.5% of respondents who intend to take part in the elections, would not have voted for this political force, under any circumstances.

Categorically refused to support the Opposition bloc of 11.5%, the Radical party of 7.4%, Batkivshchyna – 6,2%, the popular front, 6.1%, and IN the Freedom to 4.0%.


The survey was conducted between 22 and 30 November 2017 among 2,000 Ukrainians from 18 years and older using personal interviews with an error of less than 2.2%. The study was conducted in the temporarily occupied territory of the country.

On December 19 Kyiv international Institute of sociology published the results of its survey, according to which if the parliamentary elections were held in mid-December 2017, then all Ukrainian respondents aged 18 years and 6.5% would vote for the party Batkivshchyna, 5% for BPP, 4,1% – for the Opposition bloc, 3.9% – for the party For life, 3.8% – for Radical party, Oleg Lyashko, of 3.3% for Civil position, and 2.8% for Samopomich, 2% – for Svoboda.

Some parties have a chance to enter Parliament – poll Rating 21.12.2017

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