In the event of further threats from the leaders of Catalonia to declare independence, the Spanish authorities may suspend the regional autonomy of the region. This was stated by Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, reports AFP.

“I don’t rule out anything,” said Rajoy in an interview with the daily newspaper “El Pais Sunday” when asked about the application of constitutional provisions, which allows you to suspend autonomy.

“But I have to do everything at the right time … I wish that the threat of the Declaration of independence was removed as soon as possible”, – he said.

He also said that, ideally, would not like to resort to such measures, assuring Catalan leaders that “there is still time” to step back and avoid a strong reaction from the Central government in Madrid.

Since the referendum in Catalonia which stated that an overwhelming number of voters chose independence, the leaders of the rich northeastern region vowed to declare independence.

Commenting on the widely criticized police violence during the referendum, Rajoy said that “there were some mistakes,” but the main mistake was made by his opponents who threatened “national sovereignty”.

2 October 2017, the European Commission said a referendum in Catalonia is illegal, as it was not conducted according to the Constitution of Spain.

Earlier today it was reported that the Head of Catalonia Carles Pujdeme will perform in the regional Parliament next Tuesday, October 10, a statement on the outcome of the referendum.

Spain may terminate the autonomy of Catalonia Prime Minister 08.10.2017

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