The government of Spain has approved the extradition to the United States of the detained Russian hacker Stanislaus Lisova, who is suspected of the FBI in the development and use of computer virus NeverQuest for stealing money. This was announced by the Spanish Ministry of justice.

“The Council of Ministers upon the proposal of the Minister of justice Rafael Catala has approved the issue of US-Russian citizen Stanislav V. Lisova for bringing him to justice for alleged fraud by computer means”, – reads the statement.

In August of this year the extradition of Lisova in the United States approved the national court of Spain, because most victims of hacking attacks – citizens of the United States.

Earlier the lawyer of the programmer Oleg Gubarev declared that protection will appeal against the decision of the court.

Police suspect a citizen of the Russian Federation that he, along with others developed and used a “banking Trojan” NeverQuest designed to “access the computers of various people and financial institutions to steal banking credentials, credit card information and personal data”. In the case of proof of guilt Lisova, him in the US faces up to 35 years in prison.

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The high court in Prague (Czech Republic) on 24 November took the decision to extradite to the USA Russian hacker Evgeny Nikulin, who is suspected that in 2012 he sent “worm” in one of the LinkedIn employees, stole his credentials and, with their help, gained access to the databases of the company.

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Spanish authorities allowed the extradition to the United States Russian hacker 02.12.2017

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