The openness of Russia towards the West of the exercises-2017 in Belarus does not meet international standards. This was stated by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, reports Radio Liberty.

Three experts of NATO was invited to participate as observers, but Stoltenberg said that it was “not consistent with the transparency required of the OSCE pan-European security body. “Transparency and predictability is even more important when tensions are high, to reduce the risks of misunderstandings and incidents”, – he stressed.

The NATO Secretary General said the presence of troops of the bloc in the Baltic States “has sent a clear message to Moscow” that an attack on one ally will cause a response by the entire Alliance.

“We will closely follow the teachings of the West, we are alert but also calm, because we see no immediate threat against any ally of NATO,” he said.

Lithuania and Estonia declare in this connection that the exercise can take up to 100 thousand soldiers, while Russia insists that the event was “purely defensive in nature”.

In recent years, NATO has deployed four combat groups, about four thousand troops in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.

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West-2017 – joint strategic exercises of the armies of Russia and Belarus, will be held from 14 to 20 September. The Russian military began to arrive in Belarus in late July. Officially announced the participation of up to 13 thousand military, anecdotal evidence suggests a much larger group of troops up to 100 thousand people. The exercises will be held in two stages – in Russia and at seven landfills in Belarus.

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The Kremlin is likely to leave the military in Belarus, according to the General staff of the armed forces. NATO suspects that Moscow may use the exercises as a “Trojan horse.”

Interview with Muzhenko: Exercises Zapad-2017 are offensive in nature

Stoltenberg criticized Russia for its closeness exercises Zapad-2017 07.09.2017

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