Leaders of States and governments of member countries, NATO has adopted a number of decisions to strengthen the common defense of the Alliance. Of the first day of the summit on Friday in Warsaw at a press conference, said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, reports UNIAN.

“Today we took the next step – we decided to strengthen our military presence in the East of the Alliance of four battalions in Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania on a rotational basis. These battalions will be multinational”, he said.

According to the Secretary General of NATO, this means that “an attack on one ally will be regarded as attack on the whole Alliance.”

The Secretary General also announced that Canada will deal with the battalion in Latvia, Germany will lead the battalion in Lithuania, UK, Estonia and the USA – in Poland.

“Our presence will begin next year. This is an important step, but it is only one part of a larger effort, including the plan’s presence in the South-East, which will be built around the multinational brigade in Romania “, – said Stoltenberg.

In addition, a decision was made about the initiative at the operational capabilities of NATO missile defence. “This means that the US ships based in Spain, radar in Turkey and an interception on the Romanian side will now be working together under the command and control of NATO,” – said the NATO Secretary General.

He stressed that this system was intended solely for defense and is not a threat to Russia.

A new sphere of activity was recognized as cyberspace. “We are strengthening our collective security in all spheres”, – said Stoltenberg. The Secretary General expressed his belief that the security of NATO “is based on the willingness of our allies.”

“Modern challenges require modern Alliance and related resources, so today we reviewed and confirmed the investment obligations in the sphere of defense,” he said.

While Stoltenberg stressed that NATO does not want a new cold war or a new arms race and never seek confrontation. “At a time when we strengthen our defenses and content, we continue to seek constructive dialogue with Russia… Russia can not and should not be isolated. With the increase in military activities in and around Europe we are interested to align the rules with Russia. We need to do everything to avoid mistakes and accidents,” – said the NATO Secretary General.

Stoltenberg reminded that next week will be a meeting of the Council Russia-NATO at the level of ambassadors, where he would inform Russia about the decision of the summit.

Recall that in Warsaw today, July 8 started the two-day NATO summit.

Stoltenberg told about the decisions of the first day of the NATO summit 08.07.2016

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