Our team has passed the qualifying competition for public projects for Kiev. If you support mediavision spread to the capital.

To VOTE ON the OFFICIAL WEBSITE of the KSCA: gb.kyivcity.gov.ua/projects/805

WHAT AND FOR WHOM. We create “Capital barometer”. Our new project for the capital is an attack on corrupt officials and journalistic control over the development of the city. We are creating a resource for residents, where we together with the reader from area to area in an interactive mode to ensure that the authorities of Kiev, worked in interests of citizens, and the media wrote about it honestly. We will write about conflicts with developers and the preservation of the historical face of Kiev, transport problems, corruption and business environment. We are always online and everyone will be able to report your problem.

WHO WE ARE. Our team of experienced journalists and experts in media, behind whose success and reputation. We are a team that has been working on the project LIGA.net. But even we – the people. Love the city and want to make it a city without corruption. City where nice and safe place to live. For the success of the project we have the experience, desire and all of you.

DETAILS. Our project is a weekly rankings of the areas; regular reviews of jeans in the media on urban issues; the most objective news about Kiev; the fight against illegal construction; support of civic initiatives; the questioning of officials (with passion); the emphasis on civil society, we create a project for residents who are willing and ready to act to help themselves and their neighbors.

To HELP. To vote for our project at this link: gb.kyivcity.gov.ua/projects/805 Also support our friends gb.kyivcity.gov.ua/projects/850

Support the team LIGA.net only two minutes and two clicks 09.10.2017

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