The purpose of foreign policy should be no applause from the audience, and the solution to the problem. Speech of Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Yekaterinburg on 15 August raises questions as to its objectives. This writes the head of the European Parliament Committee on foreign Affairs, member of the CDU Elmar Brok in the column for Bild.

Brock believes that Steinmeier is worthy of respect for its attempt to build a dialogue with the Kremlin. However, when you read the speech of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany, dated 15 August, there is a feeling that there is for the Russian audience proclaimed the Kremlin’s position – no objection”, says the MEP.

Steinmeier in Yekaterinburg is not expressed the actual position of the world relative to the annexation of Crimea is a violation of international law and sovereignty of Ukraine. “It must be the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation happy,” said Brock. He believes that the remarks by Steinmeier was particularly alarmed the Baltic States, forcing them to wonder about international support in the case of a Russian invasion.

“It is particularly absurd to me was the statement of Steinmeier on the Russian language as the second state language in Ukraine,” continued the MEP. “Persecution” of Russian in Ukraine is the invention of Kremlin propaganda, he said.

The words of the head of the German foreign Ministry concerned, and against the background of his accusations of “saber rattling” against NATO and criticism of sanctions against Russia. All this allows the President of the aggressor Vladimir Putin to hope that time works for him. Hope to reinforce and German companies that continue to do business with the aggressor.

The question now is how the EU wants to work with Russia, continues Brock. Russia needed to keep the peace, but this is the same country that bombed the hospitals in Syrian cities. Now the Federation is at war and, therefore, disrupts the peace process.

“Frank-Walter Steinmeier have to be careful, so that his diplomatic politeness have not had the opposite effect. Joy Gerhard Schroeder and Sarah wagenknecht now have to be particularly large, and it is at least. I read in the speech of Chinese foreign Minister Wang Yi that the Russian emigration was a consequence of the civil war 20 years, but it is very vague. She was primarily a result of Communist terror,” writes Brock.

Help. Sahra wagenknecht – Chairperson of the faction of the Left party of Germany in Bundestag, known for his Pro-Kremlin vyskazyvaniyami, which miraculously coincide with the statements of the right populist party “Alternative for Germany”.

The day before the publication of the column Explorer Brock Bild Julian Reichelt said: “it was Probably the most Russophile speech in the history of the German foreign Ministry.” The question Steinmeier about when Europe begin to worry about “Rousseau” signal from Reichelt has the answer: “Right now”.

“The fact that the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany asked the Russian audience, do I need to worry until the Russian tanks driving on the territory of a sovereign state – is a mockery of the principle of a free Europe of the inviolability of borders… Russia is waging a hybrid war in Europe, clearly and unequivocally,” – emphasizes the journalist. It reminds about the history of Lisa and the attack by Russian hackers on the system of the Bundestag.

As for rocafella, Steinmeier in his speech actually quoted Putin saying that for many Russians, the collapse of the USSR was not a liberation but a disaster. Putin considers this event a major geopolitical disaster of the last century. The Soviet Union actually was not the economy and its poor citizens to get out from under the domination of Moscow was a dream come true. But about this Steinmeier did not mention. He might mention that later, these same citizens pribadi hands of state-owned enterprises; now they form Putin’s inner circle and create a power base – and again didn’t say anything, continues Reichelt.

Finally, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany compares Kosovo and Crimea. And, much to the delight of the Kremlin, they forget to say that in Kosovo, recorded mass murder, and in the Crimea, nothing like this has happened. Language is another propaganda lies of the Kremlin, Steinmeier not denounced in his speech. As the bombing of civilians in Syria.

“Cultural rapprochement between Germany and Russia (which the desire was expressed Steinmeier in his speech – ed.) on the ruins and graves, mediated by Russia – that the foreign policy of Germany at the moment”, – the journalist concludes.

Most German publications note the cynicism and at times outright mocking the lies that the Kremlin discusses Ukraine and Syria. Therefore, the tone Steinmeier in Yekaterinburg must be, to put it mildly, different. Further, the media are divided: some call it August 15, just toothless. Others, like Schwaebische Zeitung, wrote: “if there’s one Federal government Minister, the Russophile, it’s Frank-Walter Steinmeier”.

Steinmeier, using official position (and therefore at the expense of German foreign policy), strengthening ties between his party, the SPD and the German left for a possible future coalition, said Reichelt. This assumption is quite reasonable. The ruling coalition in Germany from 2013 form the CDU/CSU of Angela Merkel and the SPD, Steinmeier and Vice-Chancellor and Minister of economy and energy Sigmar Gabriel (also referred to left and “green”). The title of the post Gabriel explains his somewhat sceptical attitude to the EU sanctions against Russia. In the 2013 elections, the CDU/CSU gained 41.5 per cent (34.1 per cent and 7.4%, respectively), SPD 25.7 per cent. After the votes were counted it turned out that the block is still not gaining a majority of 316 seats. A former partner of the bloc in the coalition, the Free democratic party in General has not passed the 5% barrier. The coalition was formed only when 3/4 of the SPD in all Federal States approved its creation.

Analysts say that now the CDU and the Free democratic party enough support to get a majority

Here need to remind you that the CDU in the elections does not hold their candidates in Bavaria, the CSU, on the contrary, outside of Bavaria. The government of this Federal land in General tend to criticize the policies of Merkel. Given the recent terrorist attacks (by a strange coincidence, exactly in Bavaria), this critique will certainly increase. Left in 2013, gained 8.4 percent, the Alternative for Germany is 4.7%.

Elections to the Bundestag assigned tentatively for September 2017. But this year, the current picture may slightly change. In September, elections will be held in the land Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (the home of Merkel, lower Saxony and Berlin. The position of the “Alternative for Germany” in the East are traditionally strong. The Wall Street Journal notes that in early September, the CDU could lose their seats in these diet. Located next to Saxony-Anhalt in March, gave right-wing populists more than 24%.

In may 2017 the elections will be held in the land Schleswig-Holstein and North Rhine-Westphalia. The latter is considered a stronghold of the SPD; in addition, it includes the Ruhr region, and Industrialists tend to restore and strengthen ties with Russia.

Syndrome Steinmeier. German media have criticized the speech of the Minister of the Russian Federation 19.08.2016

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