President of the British Corporation, Tesco, John Allan, said that white men are “endangered species” in the business. Reported by the BBC.

The head of the UK’s largest retail network stressed that now is a good time for women and representatives of national minorities, “but rather to be the other,” since they are more often hired for positions of top managers.

“A thousand years, these positions were given mainly to men, but the pendulum has swung in the other direction. I think this trend will continue in the near future. If you’re a white male, you are an endangered species and you need to put in twice the effort,” said Allan.

But then he said that his words were an attempt at humor, but these statements have caused a lot of criticism.

Later, Tesco has published a special statement by Allan stating that he had in mind the need to represent all sectors of society in the Board of Directors for the success of the Corporation.

“I was talking with a group of young managers, many of whom are women, and I tried to cheer and reassure them. And chose for this rather colorful expression. I was trying to add humor to his statement,” he said.

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Tesco – the British multinational Corporation, the largest retail chain in the UK and third in the world, manages 2700 shopping centers for the sale of food and industrial goods.

Tesco President: White men died in the business 12.03.2017

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