The state law enforcement officers have no right to offer a public official to accept a deliberately wrongful decision and expect what amount he would call it, is a provocation. About that today at the briefing said the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko, commenting on the arrest of an employee of NABOO when trying to give a bribe to the official of the State migration service.

Lutsenko noted that today’s 2.5 hour conversation with the leaders of NABOO and the ARS Artem Sytnik and Nazar Holodnenkim. According to him, from the beginning of NABOO under the procedural management of SAP carried out the development probable corruption actions of employees of GMR and related officials. According to NAB, these officials could illegally issue permits for permanent residence of foreigners in Ukraine and passports for foreigners who had no right to do so.

“I want to emphasize that one of the problems is that the Complainant in the case is in fact not. That is, a person who is suffering from corruption and States this in law-enforcement, and then under the control of law enforcement agencies is corruption… There is only information, and then NABOO… spends an attempt to study the situation and find corrupt officials,” – said the Prosecutor General.

According to Lutsenko, the staff of the NAB has taken three attempts. First they brought the documents to the first citizen of Iran, asking first Deputy head of the HMS Dean Pimakhov to make passport. “In response, the official said that such a scheme exists, and it costs such and such amount of money. From my point of view, this is already a reason to talk about corruption in the GMS, but further actions in this episode didn’t continue,” – said the Prosecutor General.

In the second attempt the staff of the NEB proposed to legalize the documents of the Vietnamese citizen. “During this official, as I understand it, did not name the sum, but, nevertheless, received illegal benefits, small,” he said, noting that she was not arrested.

In the third episode, the staff of the NEB suggested Emahool to legalize even one Iranian, while “not received from her any signals”, but yesterday came to her and tried to bring for it of 15 thousand dollars, and was thus detained.

“Why we did it. In my opinion, the state law enforcement officers have no right to offer a public official to accept a deliberately wrongful decision and expect what amount he will call. This is pure provocation”, – said Lutsenko.

The attorney General cited the jurisprudence of the ECHR, according to which in case of such provocations, the court releases the person from punishment as well as the practice of Ukrainian courts.

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On the question of journalists, whether there corresponds to reality information about the allegedly held by the security Service raided the anti-corruption Bureau, Sytnik briefly replied: “not True.”

November 29 2017 at HMS, said that the detained “agent NABS suspected attempt to bribe the” first Deputy head of the migration service Dina Emahool. NABOO called the charges untrue. The Bureau says that “according to the materials of the case, the official herself has repeatedly voiced the requirement to obtain “encouragement” in the amount of $30 thousand: first, for a positive decision on granting a foreigner the citizenship of Ukraine, and subsequently for granting a residence permit on the territory of Ukraine”.

30 Nov Pimanova said that not demanded a bribe, and told how he met with the “agent of NABOO”.

The actions of NABOO against the official GMS Lutsenko called provocation 30.11.2017

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