In recent years an increasing number of studies claiming that even moderate drinking has a negative impact on human health and, in particular, the brain. New insights on the impact of alcohol on the body presented by a group of scientists from the University of Texas at Austin. It is reported online edition of Naked Science, citing the results of a study published in Stem Cell Reports.

The focus of the specialists turned out to be the stem cells of the brain. As you know, located in the Central nervous system neural stem cells (NSC) can turn into specialized nerve cells. Until the discovery of NSC in the scientific community was dominated by the idea that the human brain has a fixed number of neurons, and their loss is irreversible. Therefore, the safety still intact nerve cells was identified as the best way to protect brain from effects of alcohol. Now American scientists in the framework of his research using a new method in which they mislabeled stem cells of the brain and analyzed exactly how alcohol affects them in the long run.

The experiment was conducted in male and female mice. Analysis once again showed that alcohol has a devastating systemic impact on the brain. At the same time on different fields it affects differently. The greatest harm alcohol causes stem cells subventricular zone, thanks to which throughout adult life, new neurons. In other words, the use of alcohol dramatically slows down the process of formation of nerve cells. And most of all neurodegenerative process affected females rodents. Males also suffered from the effects of alcohol, but not so much.

Authors of the study I plan to use this data to improve coping with chronic alcoholism. Scientists emphasize that effective treatment will require not only protection still intact nerve cells, but also stimulate the activity of stem cells responsible for the appearance of new neurons.

In addition, recently, researchers from the American society of clinical Oncology found that alcohol can increase the risk of cancer even in people from the category of “moderate drinkers”. The risk increases with increasing doses of alcohol.

Earlier it was reported that, according to the researchers, lack of sleep affects the brain as an excess of alcohol.

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The alcohol prevents the formation of new nerve cells 13.11.2017

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