To provide autonomy and to recognize the local authorities in the rebel districts of Aleppo – a violation of national sovereignty. It was said by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Syria Walid al-Muallem at a meeting with UN envoy Andrew de Mistura in Damascus, according to Syrian news Agency SANA.

According to the UN plan, the Eastern part of the city, which is controlled by the rebels, should remain under the control of the opposition, under the condition that armed groups leave the city.

Al-Moallem insisted that the state institutions should be restored throughout the city, because it is a question of “national sovereignty”.

“It is unacceptable to leave about 275 000 of our people hostage, six or seven thousand armed men. No government in the world would not agree to that,” said the Minister.

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16 Nov 2016 aviation of Assad inflicted air strikes on civilian institutions, including hospitals in Eastern Aleppo. On November 20, after a rocket attack on a school in Aleppo killed seven children and one woman, another 32 people were injured, including 20 children. The Syrian military also shelled the law faculty of the University and the hospital of cardiothoracic surgery. As a result of this attack killed a woman, another 10 people were injured.

Medical institutions are temporarily down due to constant bombing. The rebels said that the attack aviation of Assad’s forces and Russia continues the fourth day.The UN warns that civilians in Aleppo ends food convoys do not miss.

The Assad regime rejected the peaceful UN plan for Aleppo 21.11.2016

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