The panel of judges of the High court refused to release from custody the accused in the attempted coup in Montenegro, because there is reason to believe that they can with the Russians to intimidate witnesses. It is reported by broadcaster RTCG.

It is reported that the court decided that at this stage of the proceedings there are still reasons for which it was ordered to extend the period of detention.

“It’s a legitimate basis for detention. If we free them from prison, they will receive logistical support from the Russians, which is unavailable for prosecution,” said chief Prosecutor Milivoje Catnic.

The trial of 14 suspects began last week. They are accused of accused of organizing and coordination of the criminal group, the aim of which was to shift the Pro-Western government and his replacement by a Pro.

Hearings will continue on Wednesday, September 13, at nine o’clock in the morning. Among the accused are two citizens of Russia, two opposition politicians and members of Parliament of Montenegro, nine citizens of Serbian and one Montenegrin.

Two Russians Eduard Shishmakova and Vladimir Popov, accused of organizing and coordinating the attempted mutiny in neighboring Serbia. Russian citizens are wanted, they are judged in absentia.

According to prosecutors of the country, two of the Russians are operational staff of military intelligence of the Kremlin. They are also accused of terrorism.

In April 2017 14 persons were notified about the charge in connection with the coup attempt in Montenegro last autumn. Among the accused are two citizens of Russia, two opposition politicians and members of the Montenegrin Parliament, nine citizens of Serbian and one Montenegrin.

The US government and the UK argue that the organization of the coup in the Balkan state were high-ranking Russian officials. Moscow his involvement in the coup attempt denies.

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The attempted coup in Montenegro: the court did not let the accused 12.09.2017

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