An album of previously unknown personal photos of Adolf Hitler sell at auction in the UK. This was reported by Deutsche Welle.

The cost of the album is estimated at more than $18 thousand, stated in the auction house C&T Auctions.

This album in April 1945 were found in Hitler’s bunker, namely in the room of Eva Braun. He is now owned by an anonymous collector. The auction will be held in Kent on 15 March.

In the album there are photos of Hitler in the company of Goebbels, Goering and Himmler, as well as pictures as he rides in the car through the crowd of people who greet him.

Employee of the auction house calls and personal these pictures indicates that pictures like this could be done only one person is allowed.

On 20 February, the phone Hitler has sold at auction for $243 thousand.

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The auction will sell the album with personal photos of Hitler 14.03.2017

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