The Austrian Parliament adopted a special law that allows authorities to confiscate the house in which in 1889 was born Adolf Hitler. Reported by the Ukrainian service Bi-bi-si.

Thus, the authorities want to prevent the transformation of the building into a place of pilgrimage for neo-Nazis.

Now the owner of a three storey building in the town of Braunau am Inn is MS Gerlinde Pommer. She refuses to sell the house and not allow any alterations.

Since 1972, the municipal authorities rented her house at a high price to prevent it from becoming a tourist attraction. Now, Pommer monthly pay 4.8 thousand euros.

After the house was seized, its owner will receive compensation, the amount of which is not called.

Austria is not the first year, the ongoing debate about what to do with the house.

Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka in favour of its demolition. But historians strongly against, because the destruction of the building would be tantamount to denial of the Nazi past of the country.

At present, the only indication of the historical significance of the building is a commemorative plaque with the inscription: “For peace, freedom and democracy. No to Nazism. Millions of dead remind us”. Hitler’s name is not mentioned.

Parents of Adolf Hitler lived in the house on the street the amenities only a few weeks, soon moving to another area. When Hitler was three, the family moved from Braunau-am-Inna permanently.

13 July 2016 the decision on the alienation of the house, the birthplace of Adolf Hitler, hosted by the government of Austria. In September, the Austrian authorities proposed initiative on whether to demolish the house. However, not all residents agreed with this decision, because the demolition of the building will not change history.

The Austrian Parliament allowed it to expropriate the house where Hitler was born 15.12.2016

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