The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved reprofiling of internal state loan bonds in the portfolio of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) totaling 219,6 bln, including exchange of two types of bonds: long-term at 74.4 billion and long-term inflation to 117,5 billion. The corresponding resolution was adopted at the government meeting today, October 4, UNIAN reports.

Help. Reprofiling of gobongo – restructuring securities postponement of maturity.

“We are changing our portfolio of government bonds, which is now in the National Bank. We systematically reduce the debt burden on the state budget. We remove the peaks that were generated, in both external and domestic obligations. We have peaks that in 2019-2020 we had settled at the expense of access to foreign markets… We have implemented it on external loans. Like we do on domestic loans”, – said the Finance Minister Oleksandr danylyuk, introducing the resolution.

Deputy Minister of Finance Yuriy Butsa noted that reprofiling will reduce the debt burden of Ukraine in 2017-2020 on 158,4 billion.

“It is proposed to make an exchange of part of the bonds in the amount of 219,6 bln UAH for two types of bonds – long-term at 74.4 billion and a long-term inflation to 117,5 billion UAH… Operation aimed at smoothing its maturity profile, approximately 12 billion each year, reducing refinancing risk and reduce the need to raise funds this year to UAH 11 billion, next year, 46 billion UAH, and almost 67 billion in 2019, and 34.4 billion in 2020,” said Butz.

In early August the Cabinet of Ministers has cancelled the decision on reprofiling of internal state loan bonds in the portfolio of the NBU. In a press-service of national Bank reported that the issue of reprofiling of gobongo lost relevance in connection with the accumulation of the government a substantial amount of available funds in the single Treasury account (over 50 billion) as a result of an overfulfillment of the plan for state budget revenues by 10% during seven months of the current year.

On 24 may, the government approved the issue of government bonds amounting to 229 billion maturing in 2025-2047 years for the exchange of previously issued husbando with maturity June 2017 through November 2030.

The Cabinet approved restructuring of the national debt 220 billion 04.10.2017

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