18 December on the initiative of the Ministry of economic development and trade Cabinet of Ministers has canceled about 300 government acts, which has long been irrelevant and only created an excessive pressure on business. About it reports a press-service of the government.

In particular, simplified deployment of foreign organizations in Ukraine. “Representations of foreign firms and banks will no longer need to negotiate issues associated with the acquisition, alteration, or lease of the premises, the General Directorate maintenance of foreign missions. If a foreign company and a financial institution wants to buy real estate in Ukraine is what can safely be done without the excess permits of,” – said the first Deputy Prime Minister Stepan Kubiv.

The Cabinet will also invite the President to cancel the decree No. 436 and decrees, which amended it. The government noted that today, contrary to article 133.3 of the Tax code of Ukraine, the tax systematically penalize employers for violation of presidential decree No. 436 on the application of penalties for violation of standards governing the handling of cash. In the event of termination of the decree would be abolished fines for:

– exceeding established limits of the rest of cash in cash desks;

incomplete posting of cash at the box office;

– spending cash from the proceeds received from sales and other cash receipts for payment of wages;

– excess of target dates of use issued under report of cash;

– carrying out cash payments without providing the payee of a payment document;

– the use of received in the Bank cash not for its intended purpose.

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In addition, the Cabinet has supported the offer of Ministry of economic development to cancel the need for revaluation of mineral reserves every five years. So far, all mining companies were obliged to gosioco reserves of mineral deposits every 5 years of operation of the block. Monopoly on the assessment used by the State Commission of Ukraine on mineral resources.

Also, the government has liberalized the use of cash registers. Now cash registers are necessarily used only in the case where the annual volume of payment transactions exceeds 500 000 UAH.

“The funds that small business has to spend on the purchase of cash registers, unfounded. It is not only their purchase, but also to systematically report, spending scarce resources on filling out paperwork. This is inefficient, so we decided to raise the annual limit for transactions without cash registers 500 000 UAH. According to estimates of the Office of effective regulation, the savings from this decision for one company will be 22 700 UAH, and for the Ukrainian economy as a whole – 34 million UAH”, – said the first Deputy Minister of economic development Maxim nefodov.

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To provide Ukrainian enterprises of chemical industry raw materials, the government significantly expanded the list of companies (including eight new ones) that have quotas for the import of raw materials (substances such as toluene, xylene, solvent, etc.) without payment of excise duty and built the list of enterprises with quotas for the import of white spirit without payment of excise duty.

Finally, the Cabinet has improved the clearance of goods at the ports to speed up control procedures and to minimize the human factor in this process. Previously, in the absence of the previously received electronic information on the goods on Board the vessel, the port did not allow the ship zagranplavanija to enter their waters. Now in the absence of information about products in electronic form is prohibited until unloading of goods. It will be resolved in 24 hours after providing such information.

More information on deregulation initiatives of the Cabinet, read here.

As previously reported, in November 2016, the Cabinet canceled 367 regulations that hinder the process of deregulation and improving the business climate.

The Cabinet has canceled more than 300 regulatory acts 19.12.2017

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