Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko declared that in the near future will begin the new process of the ex-dictator, Viktor Yanukovych. This he said today at a press conference.

“First of all, the suspicion and the case is heard in court for treason of ex-President Yanukovych. I am sure that the case is important not only to Yanukovych, but also all former leaders of the country who need to understand that the law one for all”, – Lutsenko noted.

He stressed that thanks to the revitalization of the investigation to establish who gave the order to shoot at peaceful demonstrators on Independence square.

“This case is also transferred to the Pechersk court, and hopefully before the end of this year, perhaps a little later, we will receive the decision of the court regarding the possibility of the correspondence of pre-trial investigation, and then start a new trial of Yanukovych, Zakharchenko, Yakymenko, Totsky, which according to our suspicions, gave the criminal order to shoot at peaceful people,” – said Lutsenko.

According to him, the new process will be started immediately after completion of the first, which we are talking about treason Yanukovych.

Lutsenko added that intensified case concerning constitutional coup and usurpation of power.

“As you know, the suspicion was received by the former Minister of justice Lavrynovych, are now actively working on qualification of actions or inactivity of the constitutional court judges and the former leadership of the country led by Yanukovych. I am sure that this case will also be promising,” – said Lutsenko.

He added that 380 people have got suspicions about physical actions, including the murders of relatively peaceful protesters.

“Of these, for 270 persons cases are in court concerning 49 of them already sentenced” – said Lutsenko.

June 30, GPU reported a new suspected Yanukovych and several former leaders of law enforcement agencies in preventing the rallies, of organizing mass murder and terrorist act.

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The case of Yanukovych, Lutsenko said about the new beginning of a process to Maidan 20.11.2017

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