The chief of staff of the British armed forces said that NATO considers the vulnerability of submarine cables as one of the key threats to Western countries by the Russian Navy. It is reported Bi-bi-si.

Speaking at a think tank RUSI, sir Stewart Peach indicated that destruction or decommissioning of cables will be “immediate and potentially catastrophic” blow to the economy of the NATO countries.

“In response to the threat posed by the modernization of the Russian Navy – the nuclear and non-nuclear submarines and surface ships, we, together with our Atlantic allies, give priority to the tasks relating to the protection of sea lines of communication,” – said sir Stuart.

Sir Stuart Peach is a higher level in the professional hierarchy of the British military. He heads the defence Staff (the equivalent of the General staff in other countries), is the principal military adviser to the civilian Minister of defence and the government in General and has the rank equivalent to the rank of Russian Colonel-General.

“It may seem like a repetition of the old task, – he admitted. – Very, very important that we all understand how important this task is for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization”.

“For Russia, in addition to the construction of new ships and submarines, continues to enhance its capabilities of information warfare and other new methods of warfare,” said sir Stuart.

According to him, Britain and its allies need to understand the meaning of modernization of the Russian Navy and is proportional to modernize its naval forces.

Earlier it was reported that NATO was faced with the attempts of the Russian Federation to increase its military potential on almost all fronts and the Alliance is in a state of readiness, to prevent the recurrence of military intervention of the Kremlin in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine.

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The chief of staff of Britain: Russia threatens underwater communication lines 15.12.2017

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