The creators of the Chinese amphibious tank VN18 from the state Corporation Norinco claim that their combat amphibious vehicle can accelerate up to 65 km/h on land and up to 30 km/h (claimed up to 45 km/h) on water. This, say the developers, a world record for amphibians, the armament of the armies of the world, says the Agency CGTN.

The capacity of the tank with a crew of three, which can accommodate seven paratroopers – about 1600 HP, machine weight of over 26 tonnes. Armed versions of the BMP – 30-mm automatic cannon with an ammunition load of 300 rounds. A ATRA with four missiles and a machine gun 7.62-mm, box of 2000 rounds.

Cruising on a flat surface, about 500 km.

ZBD-2000 (export name – VN-18) – China BMP zagorizontalnyh landing troops from ship to commit amphibious operations on the coast, used to transport and fire support for the Marines. In the early modifications is in service with the marine corps, the PRC since 2006.

Video: Youtube / CGTN

The Chinese have shown “very fast” amphibious battle – video 22.11.2017

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