According to Commissioner Johannes Hahn, Ukraine currently shows modest results in the fight against corruption. The problem in the practical implementation of anti-corruption initiatives. The European Commissioner for European neighbourhood policy and negotiations to expand said in an interview with UA.Perche.

“In terms of fighting corruption, in my opinion, the actual results are quite modest. I think this should closely follow the power: the government and other bodies,” he said.

Khan believes that the efforts of the Ukrainian authorities in terms of practical implementation of anti-corruption legislation are insufficient.

“It is not only the basis of institutions or availability of the necessary legislation, but also in how it is implemented. In a practical embodiment, we see a serious flaw, and it should be paid special attention. Just regarding this, the international community increasingly exhausted patience,” he said.

As an example of such practical drawbacks Khan called the situation with the verification of electronic declarations when out of 1.5 million registered declarations-tested only about a hundred pieces.

“100 of the 1.5 million is not the result. In addition, what are the consequences? What happens next? Because in the end all this should be aimed at improving the situation”, – said the Commissioner.

Today in the NACP have confirmed that of the 1.5 million returns was e-tested only 91.

According to the head of financial control Department of the national Agency for prevention of corruption Anna Solomatina, the problem is that verification of declarations is in manual mode. “So it was automatic, it was necessary to develop module logic arithmetic control… If this module was adopted, verification of these declarations took place over 12-13 hours,” said the former official. According to her, the fact that this module is still not running, “beneficial to Mrs. Korczak (head of the NACP Natalia Korchak – ed.)”. Solomatin says that Korczak “hampered” the process. In NACP said that they are preparing a lawsuit, demanding a refutation of the declarations.

The Commissioner: EU expects from Ukraine of the results of the fight against corruption 16.11.2017

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